How to Prepare for a Free Injury Lawyer Consultation:
A 7-Step Guide for Injury Victims

Written by Joseph A. Nagy, Edmonton Injury Lawyer

1. Decide if you need help preparing for the free consultation because of your injury

You may want to ask a trusted friend, colleague, or close relative to help you prepare for the free consultation and even participate with you.

To prepare for an injury lawyer consultation, you may need to ask for help from a family member or trusted friend or colleague.

2. Prepare the information your injury lawyer needs

Your injury lawyer will need as much of the following information as possible:

  1. Collision Report Form if you were injured in a motor vehicle accident
  2. Letters from Insurance Companies (including your own)
  3. E-mails, correspondence between yourself and other parties (which may be insurance adjusters or witnesses)
  4. Photographs or video
  5. Witness statements.

During the interview, your injury lawyer will probably want you to describe or explain the following:

  1. How the accident occurred
  2. What medical treatment you have sought and how it has been paid for
  3. Whether you have any private insurance policies that pay for the treatment
  4. The type of medical treatment you have sought and where
  5. Your pain and injuries, physical or psychological
  6. Any out-of-pocket expenses you have incurred for medical treatment or other treatment
  7. Any out-of-pocket expenses you have incurred for things relating to the accident but that are not medical treatment
  8. Employment information
  9. How your injuries affect your day-to-day living activities
  10. If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, whether the party at fault was charged with a traffic offence.

Try to be specific and provide dates, times, contact information, and so on.

Figuring out everything you will need isn’t easy.
Information WordCloud for a Free Injury Lawyer Consultation
Use this free consultation guide to get organized.

3. Research the lawyer ahead of time

Don’t use up your free consultation time with questions you can answer yourself. (The personal injury lawyer’s website is probably the best place to find your answers.) To find out what you can learn from an injury lawyer’s website, use my How to Find an Injury Lawyer: A Guide for Injury Victims.

IntoIntroduction to injury practice, Joseph A. Nagy, Edmonton Personal Injury Lawyer

4. Ask specific questions about your type of injury and accident

  • I have a__________ injury. Have you dealt with the type of injury I suffered or similar injuries? (Be as specific as possible. For instance, if you have a spinal cord injury, ask specifically about the injury lawyer’s experience with spinal cord injuries, not just back injuries.)
  • I was injured in a__________ accident. Have you dealt with cases involving this type of accident or similar types of accidents? (Be as specific as possible. For instance, if you were injured in a motor vehicle vs. pedestrian accident, ask specifically about the injury lawyer’s experience with motor vehicle vs. pedestrian accidents, not just car accidents.)
Vehicle Interior after Accident for Free Injury Lawyer Consultation article by Joseph A. Nagy

5. Be sure you understand how the lawyer charges for your fees


  • If you are my lawyer, will you incur any costs to professionally handle my claim?
  • When are your fees payable?

6. Ask specific questions about your claim.

  • Do you think my claim is valid?
  • Do you have enough information to provide an opinion on my chances of a successful conclusion to my case? If not, what other information do you need?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of my case?
  • Do you think my case will go to trial or be settled out of court?
  • What do you think is my best strategy for success?
  • Can you give me an estimate or range regarding the possible settlement I can expect? If yes, how much? If not, when will you be able to?
  • In your experience, how much time does a case like mine take to resolve?
Use Your Free Injury Lawyer Consultation to Find Out What You Need to Know

7. Make sure the injury lawyer is capable of handling your claim

You want to hire an injury lawyer that believes you have a legitimate claim that will win you fair compensation. Ask:

  • Will you be the only lawyer working on my case?
  • What is your case load? Can you give my case the time my case deserves?
  • If you are my lawyer, will we sign a contract? Will the contract specify your fee and payment requirements?
  • If I hire you, who do I contact if I have questions?
  • When are you available to answer my questions?
  • What is the best way to contact you?
  • When decisions need to be made, will you provide me with options and advice on the best course of action?
  • Will you contact me when there are updates regarding my case or will we meet on a regular schedule?
Experienced Edmonton Injury Lawyer Joseph A. Nagy with Client

About the Author

Joseph A. Nagy, Edmonton injury lawyer, provides a free guide to help injury victims prepare for a free consultation meeting with an injury lawyer - (780) 760-4878 (HURT)
I am Joseph A. Nagy, and I am an experienced Edmonton injury lawyer serving central and northern Alberta. As a “car accident lawyer”, my specialty is dealing with all types of motor vehicle accidents.

Based on my years of experience, this guide is intended to help injury victims prepare for a free consultation meeting with an injury lawyer.

You are under no obligation to me, but of course I hope you will call (780) 760-4878 (HURT) or contact me, Joseph A. Nagy, to discuss the steps I can recommend to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injury.

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What Our Clients Say

Joe and his team are some of the kindest and most genuine people I have ever met. Not only was I taken care of, but I feel Joe fights for his clients at the right time. He really cares. He doesn't put his clients through stress and is always very honest and upfront. I was very fortunate to be able to work with this wonderful team and will always recommend and use their services in the future. Thank you all.
Sara Skoric
Sara Skoric
18:50 20 May 20
It's a pleasure working with Joseph A.Nag , I have appreciated all the steps he guided me through my case. And I believe he will do the same to anyone he may come across. Thank you very much Joseph .he is very hard worker and freindly also. I will never forget everything he did for my family .
ziad ahmed
ziad ahmed
09:56 01 May 20
I can say that even from our first conversation Joe and his all his staff were great. Being on the autism spectrum I can be a little testy when faced with things not going a certain way, so I appreciate being able to actually reach people, having questions answered and the respect given. Cynthia, Nicole, Preet and Joe himself did the best job they could and again, I appreciate feeling like I could call and get any answers I had.
02:16 24 Apr 20
Joseph and his team handled my motor vehicle accident really well, I am Joseph and his team handled my motor vehicle accident really well, I am very happy to have chosen Joseph as my lawyer. They were always available when I had questions and needed help dealing with this complicated legal stuff. They managed to find interpreters and personnel that would also help mom with translating so she would understand the whole process. I would recommend and if I ever need his services I would not have any doubt to choose him as my lawyer. Thanks Joseph and all your team for helping us out with our case. Awesome professionals !
Y. G.
Y. G.
00:23 23 Apr 20
Joseph Nagy is a professional lawyer, I can refer him to you. He has a very lovely and caring team. Cynthia and Nicole helped me so much and I appreciate it. I got help and my call was answered with respect. I am very satisfied. Thank you very much Joseph Nagy for your help.
Jeanne Nitanga
Jeanne Nitanga
23:59 30 Mar 20
Joseph Nagy and his firm really helped me alot in terms of getting all the medical diagnosis and help needed. This firm helped me in all the little steps from time to time and provided me the right legal advice. More than case study its really important to get right medical help and getting proper financial aid in recovery . This firm hepled me alot in pointing at right direction at right time which helped me in recovery without any halt or finacial problem. I cannot stress enough to anyone reading this that finding a lawyer and medical care is really important in first few days and it can affect your process and assistance in recovery . I made a mistake of going to a lawyer and not taking any accident and injuries seriously in first few days . After meeting Joseph naggy i got to know that i have a TMJ and other few related problems because of my accident which i would have ignored because of not seeking right medical help. Try not to make same mistake as mine. Seek legal and medical help ASAP after getting into an more
navtej Sabhi
navtej Sabhi
02:59 24 Mar 20
Joe and his assistants Nicole Adams, & Preet Saroya were my first Experience with having anything to do with lawyers and litigation. I'm very happy with how they handled my case and how they managed to get me a fair settlement in such an efficient and timely manner. I must admit they are some of the most honest people I've ever done business with in my entire life. They definitely take care of you and that is something I certainly appreciated about them while completing my case. There is this feeling of security that one gets when working with Joe and his crew that I have heard from other people isn't exactly present with other lawyers. They treat you like family and as happy as I am to be finished with my case these people have been a major part of my life since my motor-vehicle accident back in February 2017 I will definitely miss working with such talented people who I would be quite proud to consider my friends. And although I hope that this might be my absolute last accident, I know Joe and his colleagues are just a short phone call away if I get into another one. Thank you Joe, Nicole, & Preet from the bottom of my heart for being such honest, amazing, caring & talented Individuals. With the settlement you guys fought so hard to get me I have pretty much been given a fresh slate to build my life up upon. I've got you guys to thank for it, and had I never reached out to you guys I'm not sure where I would have ended up. I guess what I'm trying to say is thanks for helping me put my life back together and thanks for being such wonderful people. To anyone contemplating Joesph A. Nagy, Injury Law I must tell you that once you go to Joe and his Talented crew you'll not need any other lawyer for motor vehicle accidents and injury litigation again!!! these guys know their stuff!!! And I will never be able to thank Joe, Nicole, & Preet enough for the hard work they did to help me rebuild after my accident!!! and if you guys manage to read this comment I hope I've put down at least 10-15% of the thank yous I owe you guys for your incredible job on finding a very fair resolution to my case!!! Thanks for everything you've done for me!!!read more
Travis Orich
Travis Orich
17:00 25 Feb 20
I hired Joseph A. Nagy, Injury Lawyer to follow up on a car accident in 2016. It was a no fault accident on my part. My car was totalled plus I received a very severe whip lash plus major chronic migraine headaches for years related to this whip lash. Once I met with Mr Nagy and we reviewed this accident he accepted my case and I signed the necessary papers. I found him to be very well informed and able to share all the requirements and made it very clear and easy to understand what was expected of me and how his firm would meet my needs. I found his assistant Nicole Adams very competent, knowlegeable and easy to work with. She was always available which was important to me. Mr. Nagy was extremely efficient in following up with any concerns I had. I experienced very accurate and timely answers from him. Communication was excellent. I also worked with Mr. Nagy's new lawyer Preet Saroya during the Examination for Discovery. I found her easy to work with and very supportive in coaching me on what the expectations were during the Discovery. I was extremely pleased with the final result and would highly recommend Joseph A. Nagy, Injury Law Firm to everyone. It was a very positive experience under very painful circumstances. I always felt very confident to know they were representing me. Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law Firm was excellentread more
Diana Templeton
Diana Templeton
04:00 08 Jan 20
I was involved in a car accident with a drunk driver, I was left in bad shape. During my recovery, the insurance company tried to communicate with me consistently. I was not sure where to start it was at that time I contacted Joe. We had our first meeting, he explained the process in detail, I was compensated for wage loss, Physio etc. He made sure I was taken care of during the process and at the end of the claim made sure I was properly compensated for all damages. Shortly after I went through some heath concerns and of would of not been for the settlement, my family and I would of been in trouble. Joe is passionate about his work and he will be 100% on your side. Nothing but a positive experience working with Mr. Nagy.
andres celis
andres celis
21:57 20 Dec 19
Mr.Nagy and his team has been a fantastic, Professional experience after my accident with zero hassles or issues. Mr.Nagy is a man with integrity, honesty and a passion for fairness and law . Nicole his assistant is also a very professional individual with compassion, understanding and is just a very courteous individual who on many occasions called just too keep me posted on progress, or to arrange a meeting with Joseph. Its always nice having a smile and knowing you have team standing with you during these tragic moments in ones life . Do I support Joseph and his team YES I do and at the very least a phone call will provide clarity and transparency for you or your loved ones.
01:40 29 Nov 19
Joe was very professions in settling my car accident claim. Walking me through all the steps and informing me of the risks and process involved. A favourable outcome was achieved. Nicole (Joes Assistant) was very kind and made the process very easy.
16:17 08 Nov 19
Words can’t explain my gratitude for the time, effort and results Joseph and his staff have provided to me. I met Joseph as a result of one of his clients mentioning my accident to him and with his caring nature and wanting to protect me he arrange for us to meet. He spent a great deal of time to learn about me and my needs, and really took the time to explain the legal process and what this meant for me. I felt well taken care of right from the start all the way through to settlement. Every step of the way Joseph and his assistant Cynthia kept me informed of every update to the case as them came in. Joseph followed through with everything he told me during our first meeting and even went above and beyond in many ways. Truly the team I recommend for your injury claim. Mark Walker Oct, 2019
Tetzool .
Tetzool .
20:02 24 Oct 19
This man is the man. I was in a crash that should've killed me. Insurance companies spend millions to save from paying out a client trust everything this man tells you. Joe is there to help the little people get what they have payed for. I am proud to call Joe a friend.
tom boyer
tom boyer
01:13 02 Oct 19
Great lawyer! Very knowledgeable, made the whole experience much easier for me. They handled everything and they made sure I was prepared for anything that came about. Would highly recommend.
Kayla Balaban
Kayla Balaban
16:09 27 Aug 19
I initially contacted 3 lawyers, trying to figure out who I felt I could trust with my circumstances. I went and had a referral with one of the big firms in the city and quickly realized I was not going to get that personalized service. I was quite disappointed after I left that meeting. I was given a referral to Joe and from the first initial phone call and the subsequent visit, I knew that I was going to get the personalized care that I was seeking. Throughout the entire process of the accident litigation, Joe was very professional and his strategy and proposals showed his high expertise and ability. Joe always discussed his ideas and the reason behind them and he always informed me with any developments. Joe's assistant, Nicole, was extremely helpful. She would always call me whenever information was needed, and kept me fully informed. She worked diligently on my case and was a great help. I would recommend Joe to anyone, and I would also mention, if you want a lawyer who will give you that personalized care and service along with great expertise, Joe( and Nicole) is the person to go see. I am very fortunate that the Big Firm I first visited led me to finding Joe as my lawyer!read more
04:24 27 Aug 19