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Support: Free Resources for Injury Victims

Written by Joseph A. Nagy, Edmonton Injury Lawyer

Explore these free resources to help you find an injury lawyer, deal with insurance companies, and obtain the best possible compensation for your injury.

Joseph A. Nagy is an experienced Edmonton personal injury lawyer. He has handled thousands of injury cases. He represents the plaintiffs. He has never represented an insurance company. He has created these free resources in the hope that they will help the victims of injury accidents.

Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law helps those injured in motor vehicle accidents. If you need help with your personal injury case, feel free to call (780) 760-4878 (HURT) or contact Joe directly.

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You deserve a personal injury lawyer who knows local laws, will stand up to the insurance company, and get you the compensation you deserve.

Support resources written in plain language

Don’t assume your insurance company has your best interests at heart. Insurance companies have reputations to maintain, but they also want lowers settlements to reduce their costs and increase their profits.  A qualified injury lawyer will

  • know the law
  • know what kind of settlement you can expect
  • have a team of scientific, medical, and other personal injury experts ready to help you
  • understand your situation and be able to provide the support you need.

Discover the top 5 reasons to hire an injury lawyer.


If your injury situation isn’t so urgent that you have to call an injury lawyer immediately, then you are going to do some research. This guide will help you find an injury lawyer that is right for you. Based on my years of experience, this guide will help you find:

  • the best qualified injury lawyer to represent you
  • an injury lawyer who gets how you feel, understands your questions and concerns, and knows how to help…


I am Joseph A. Nagy, and I am an experienced Edmonton injury lawyer serving central and northern Alberta. As a “car accident lawyer”, my life’s work is helping those who have suffered injuries in all types of motor vehicle accidents.

Regardless of your type of injury or how it happened, my Edmonton Injury Lawyer Free Consultation Guide can help you gain maximum value from your free consultation.


When you are my client, I prepare your case for trial.  If settlement happens along the way, that will be a good thing. I do not prepare cases to settle them, and I do not passively gather medical evidence to present to the insurer to ask for money. This is poor advocacy. This is not “building an injury case” for the client.

I prepare cases to go to trial. I build an injury case by using scientific, medical, and other personal injury experts who are prepared to testify at trial.


I receive many inquiries from people who have tried unsuccessfully to complete the required steps in the personal injury claim process themselves. They start out believing they can settle their claim with the insurance company by themselves. Inevitably, they require a lawyer to file a Statement of Claim with the Court to protect their right to sue. By then, however, they have already prejudiced their case by releasing critical information to the insurance company, information that they did not have to provide. This makes it difficult for your lawyer to protect your interests. My advice: get personal injury law advice up front!


If you are injured in an accident, what should you say when insurance companies contact you with questions? You may not know the answer.

Dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating. Accident victims, like you, often do not know who they should speak to or what they should say. You may have been driving, or a passenger in a vehicle involved in an accident, or a pedestrian. What should you say?

Ask Yourself: Is the Insurance Company Calling Me Working in My Best Interests?


My goal in creating this glossary is to help reduce the stress injury victims feel when confronted by the complexities of insurance claims and the legal system. Find the definitions of injury law terms you may need to know.

Written in plain language.


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