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Wrongful Death Lawyer

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In the awful circumstances of a wrongful death or fatality, the emotional distress born by loved ones is devastating. At such a time, dealing with insurers can be frustrating and time consuming. A wrongful death lawyer may be able to ease your burden. A wrongful death lawyer should understand what you are experiencing, protect your interests, and be available when needed.

My name is Joseph A. Nagy. My law firm, Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law, represents people injured in motor vehicle accidents in central and northern Alberta. Motor vehicle accidents are among the leading causes of wrongful deaths in Alberta. Our injury lawyers are experienced in handling wrongful death claims.

If one of your loved ones has suffered a wrongful death, I hope you will schedule a free consultation with me.  I know how to determine every possible source of compensation to which you are entitled – and how to obtain it for you or your loved one’s estate. Please call (780) 760-4878 (HURT) or contact me personally to ask for a free consultation. I know I can help you. The consultation is free. I will evaluate your wrongful death claim. You are under no obligation to hire m

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Page Contents

Wrongful Death FAQs

When family members are grieving, a wrongful death lawyer can help you deal with important legal matters involved in a wrongful death lawsuit. The law can be complex and you may need help finding answers to such questions as:

  • Who will represent the estate of the deceased?
  • What is the deceased or his/her family members entitled to?
  • Are there limits to what I can claim from the insurance company?
  • What claims are eligible?
  • Who is entitled to benefits and compensation?
  • How can we obtain it?
  • What can I claim from my insurance company?
  • What can I claim from the insurance company of the person responsible for the death of the deceased?
  • Is there other insurance available?
  • Am I entitled to collect compensation from other sources?

A small list of wrongful death compensation items includes

  • bereavement damages for spouses, adult interdependent partners, and children
  • expenses for treatment costs prior to death
  • travel and accommodation costs for visitation prior to death
  • funeral and grief counseling costs
  • actual financial loss to the deceased or his/her estate
  • a claim for dependency on the deceased’s income
  • loss of valuable services provided by the deceased and
  • a survivors future loss of wealth, which would have been provided by the deceased.


Call (780) 760-4878 (HURT) or contact me, Joseph A. Nagy, to arrange for a free consultation. There is no obligation. I will recommend steps you should take to be certain you obtain all possible wrongful death compensation.

S Kovacs
S Kovacs
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Professional- Caring- Passionate - Three words I would use to describe Joseph A Nagy!!!

After much consideration whether I even wanted to pursue my claim; and searching for a lawyer through Google reviews, I read Joseph A Nagy's reviews and decided to give him a call. I wanted someone that wasn't from a huge law firm where your file gets passed through whoever may have time to work on it. My case was more complicated than most (I thought anyway) and being that our car accident occurred in Phoenix and had a fatality involved; being my husband - and leaving myself with numerous injuries as well and off work for 2 1/2 years; I wasn't sure anyone here in Edmonton would want to deal with my claim. After speaking with Joe, I felt that he was sincere and actually cared about what I was going through! He actually listened to me and my concerns, and no question was ever left unanswered! I was hardly off the phone with him, and he was already contacting a lawyer in Phoenix to proceed with my case. After 1 year into this case, I was rear ended as well; which prolonged my healing process and added even more complications to my claim from my previous accident. Joe handled all this with professionalism and commitment. He kept me up-to-date on where he was at with things on a continual basis. After many meetings with Joe, Nicole and Preet, and 2 1/2 years later from the time I contacted him, I have received my settlement - which after many negotiations with insurance companies and a Mediator, he achieved a fair settlement for me.

I am forever grateful to Joe and his team for their guidance and support through my ordeal!! I recommend Joe and his team 100%!!

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