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Edmonton T-bone Accident Lawyer

Written by Joseph A. Nagy, Edmonton Injury Lawyer

I am Joseph A. Nagy, and I am an experienced T-bone accident lawyer. My firm, Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law, handles all types of injuries from motor vehicle accidents. We serve clients throughout central and northern Alberta. We have dealt with many T-bone accident cases where severe injury has occurred.

If you were not wearing a seatbelt, you should know that there are many fact-specific judicial rulings on how much compensation should be reduced. Each circumstance is fact specific. Always consult with a qualified injury lawyer.

Please call (780) 760-4878 (HURT) or contact me, Joseph A. Nagy to tell me about your T-bone accident and injuries. We can discuss the steps I recommend to make sure you obtain the compensation you deserve. I offer free consultations, and you are under no obligation to hire me as your T-bone accident lawyer.

Learn more about my team of personal injury experts and how I use personal injury experts to help my clients obtain better compensation from insurance companies.

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Joseph A. Nagy, Edmonton T-bone Accident Lawyer

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Paul Hambleton
Paul Hambleton
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I was broad sided by someone that ran a stop sign and suffered a neck injury along with major damage to my truck. The drivers insurance company was getting difficult to deal with. Joe made the insurance company pay what I thought the injuries were worth, thank you Joe for doing a great job. Professional throughout the process, and was up front with fees and explained everything along the way. No hassles or hoops to jump through.

Joe and his assistant Nicole are kind people and good at what they do, It made the suffering bearable. I would highly recommend to anybody that wants their case handled by the best. Experience and a good reputation goes a long way. Best decision I have ever made.

FAQs: T-bone Accidents

A qualified Alberta injury lawyer who is experienced in handling T-bone accidents will

  • know Alberta laws and precedents regarding fault and degrees of fault
  • have an expert team that can investigate the unique circumstances of your case to determine fault
  • know how to deal with insurance companies to obtain fair compensation for you.

Protect yourself. Call Joseph A. Nagy. Edmonton injury lawyer!

To learn more about how an injury lawyer can help you, read Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Edmonton Injury Lawyer by Joseph A. Nagy.

Damaged motor vehicle following a t-bone accident provided by Joseph A. Nagy, Edmonton t-bone accident lawyer

Determining fault in a T-bone accident requires expert analysis.
  • Disputes commonly occur over speed, distance, timing, the color of a traffic light, and vehicle right of way.
  • Witness evidence may be crucial to determine fault in T-bone accident cases.
  • Sometimes, liability for the accident is highly disputed, even though you are not at fault for the accident.
  • The other party may or may not have been convicted of a traffic offence arising out of the collision.
  • Or the other party may have several occupants in their vehicle, and they may not tell the truth about how the accident happened.
Contact a qualified personal injury lawyer. An experienced injury lawyer who specializes in T-bone accidents will have a team of personal injury experts. The injury lawyer can involve an independent accident investigator to obtain witness statements and help determine liability and an accident reconstruction engineer to identify the vehicle’s travelling speed and braking time to impact. Learn more about my firm’s team of personal injury experts. Dig deeper and find out how I use personal injury experts to help my clients obtain better compensation from insurance companies. Damaged motor vehicle following a t-bone accident with arrow pointing to evidence examined by a member of Edmonton t-bone accident lawyer Joseph A. Nagy's team of injury experts to prove damages.

T-bone accidents occur when two vehicles collide at right angles. Usually, the at-fault driver fails to stop or yield right of way at an intersection, causing the collision. Orthopedic injuryspinal cord injury, and head injuries such as traumatic brain injury are common in high speed T-bone collisions.

Determining fault in T-bone accidents (side impact collisions) can be complex. When injuries are involved, determining fault is crucial to receiving fair compensation from insurance companies. Consult an injury lawyer who deals with T-bone accidents. If needed, a qualified injury lawyer can involve expert investigators to help determine fault.

Learn more about my team of personal injury experts and how I use personal injury experts to help my clients to help my clients and prove insurance claims.

In high-speed T-bone accidents, wearing a seat belt can sometimes cause a more severe spinal cord injury. The insurance company of the driver who caused the accident will argue for lower compensation because you were not wearing your seat belt. Contact a qualified injury lawyer for help.

Learn more about my team of personal injury experts and how I use personal injury experts to help my clients obtain better compensation from insurance companies.

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