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How to Prepare for Your Injury Lawyer Free Consultation

Written by Joseph A. Nagy, Edmonton Injury Lawyer

I am Joseph A. Nagy, and I am an experienced Edmonton injury lawyer serving central and northern Alberta. As a “car accident lawyer”, my specialty is helping those who have suffered injuries in all types of motor vehicle accidents.

Regardless of your type of injury or how it happened, my Edmonton Injury Lawyer Free Consultation Guide can help you gain maximum value from your free consultation.

You are under no obligation to me, but of course I hope you will call (780) 760-4878 (HURT) or contact me, Joseph A. Nagy, Edmonton injury lawyer, to discuss your case. I will recommend steps you can take to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injury.

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Page Contents

Page Contents

Decide if you need help preparing for the injury lawyer free consultation

You may want to ask a trusted friend, colleague, or close relative to help you prepare for the injury lawyer free consultation and even participate with you.

Two women talking over a low fence. Talking with a trusted relative or friend can help you prepare for your injury lawyer free consultation.

If possible, before you go to your injury lawyer free consultation, prepare the information the injury lawyer will need

The injury lawyer will need as much of the following information as you can provide:

  1. Collision Report Form if you were injured in a motor vehicle accident
  2. Letters from Insurance Companies (including your own)
  3. E-mails, correspondence between yourself and other parties (which may be insurance adjusters or witnesses)
  4. Photographs or video
  5. Witness statements.

During the free consultation, the injury lawyer will ask you a number of questions? By preparing ahead of time, you will help the injury lawyer and get more benefit yourself.

  1. How did the accident occur?
  2. What medical treatment have you had as a result of the accident and how was it paid for?
  3. Where did you seek medical treatment?
  4. Do you have any private insurance policies that paid for the treatments you received as a result of the accident?
  5. Describe your pain and injuries, physical or psychological.
  6. Have you had any out-of-pocket expenses for medical treatments or other treatments?
  7. Have you had any out-of-pocket expenses for things relating to the accident but that are not medical treatment?
  8. Please provide your employment information.
  9. How have your injuries affected your day-to-day living activities, including your employment?
  10. If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, was the at-fault party charged with a traffic offence?

Try to be specific and when possible provide dates, times, contact information, and so on.

Research the injury lawyer ahead of time

The personal injury lawyer’s website is probably the best place to research the injury lawyer, To find out what you can learn from an injury lawyer’s website, use my How to Find an Injury Lawyer: An 8-Step Guide for Injury Victims. If you learn a little about the injury lawyer ahead of time, your injury lawyer free consultation can focus more on your accident, your injuries, and your needs.

Ask the injury lawyer specific questions about your type of injury and accident

You want to use the free consultation to decide if the injury lawyer is a good fit for your type of injury and accident. Here are a couple of sample questions that can help you assess the injury lawyer’s ability to deal with your case.

  • I have a__________ injury. Have you dealt with the type of injury I suffered or similar injuries? (Be as specific as possible. For instance, if you have a spinal cord injury, ask specifically about the injury lawyer’s experience with spinal cord injuries, not just back injuries.)
  • I was injured in a__________ accident. Have you dealt with cases involving this type of accident or similar types of accidents? (Be as specific as possible. For instance, if you were injured in a motor vehicle vs. pedestrian accident, ask specifically about the injury lawyer’s experience with motor vehicle vs. pedestrian accidents, not just car accidents.)
  • Ask the injury lawyer:

Ask how the injury lawyer charges fees

Be certain you understand the fees the lawyer will charge. Ask the injury lawyer:

  • “What is your contingency fee?”
  • “Is it a flat fee or does it increase based on the amount of work you do and how long the case takes to resolve?”
  • “Will your fee increase if my case isn’t resolved at settlement but has to go to trial?”
  • “To professionally handle my claim, what other costs will you incur? Who will pay for those costs? Are the charges in addition to your contingency fee?”
  • “When will I have to pay your fees?”
  • “What happens if you don’t win my case? Who pays your fees then?”

Ask specific questions about your claim

Please keep in mind that the injury lawyer may need more information before answering some of these questions.

  • “Do you think my claim is valid?”
  • “Do you have enough information to provide an opinion on my chances of a successful conclusion to my case? If not, what other information do you need?”
  • “What are the strengths and weaknesses of my case?”
  • “Do you think my case will go to trial or be settled out of court?”
  • “What do you think is our best strategy for success?”
  • “Can you give me an estimate or range regarding the possible settlement I can expect? If yes, how much? If not, when will you be able to?”
  • “In your experience, how much time does a case like mine take to resolve?”

Make sure the injury lawyer is capable of handling your claim and is a good fit for you personally

You want to hire an injury lawyer that believes you have a legitimate claim and that you will get fair compensation. Take advantage of your injury lawyer free consultation by asking questions that will help you decide if you want to hire this injury lawyer. Ask the injury lawyer:

  • “Will you be the only lawyer working on my case? Or will my case get handed off to other lawyers in your firm?”
  • “What is your caseload? Can you give my case the time it deserves?”
  • “If you are my lawyer, will we sign a contract? Will the contract specify your fee and payment requirements?”
  • “If I hire you, who do I contact if I have questions?”
  • “When are you available to answer my questions?”
  • “What is the best way to contact you?”
  • “When decisions need to be made, will you provide me with options and advice on the best course of action?”
  • “Will you contact me when there are updates regarding my case or will we meet on a regular schedule?”

By now you may be confident that the injury lawyer has all the qualifications to represent you, but do you feel comfortable with the lawyer? Think about whether

  • you feel comfortable with the injury lawyer
  • you understand the injury lawyer’s answers and recommendations
  • the injury lawyer genuinely cares about you and is interested in your case
  • is someone who will fight to get you fair compensation
  • is someone you trust.
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