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My name is Joseph A. Nagy. I am an Edmonton personal injury lawyer. I provide injury law services to people who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents in Edmonton and throughout central and Northern Alberta. I have successfully resolved thousands of personal injury cases. If you have suffered a personal injury and need the help of a proven, experienced personal injury lawyer, I invite you to call (780) 760-4878 (HURT) or contact Joseph A. Nagy Injury Law to book your free consultation. We will meet with you personally.

Nery v Nery, (2012) A.J. No. 792 (Q.B.)(Q.L.)

In Nery v Nery, (2012) A.J. No. 792 (Q.B.)(Q.L.) Nery was told by an Allstate adjuster named Ms. Molgian that there was a “government law” which stated she could not recover more than $4000 for her injuries. She believed that and did not question it. She did not talk to a lawyer because a friend told her

5 reasons why injury victims should hire a personal injury lawyer instead of a lawyer

In earlier blogs. I have pointed out that your personal injury lawyer wants to maximize the compensation you can expect to receive for your injuries. Why? Because your injury lawyer’s interests align with yours. A higher compensation package for you means a higher compensation fee for your injury lawyer. Today I want to address the question of whether it

What experts should be on my injury lawyer’s team?

Today, I want to talk about the importance of an injury lawyer’s team of personal injury experts. If you are injured, you may need scientific, medical, and other personal injury experts on your side. They can help prove damages from your personal injury. A personal injury lawyer can retain these experts on your behalf. Let’s start

What information will my injury lawyer need during my free consultation?

Injury lawyers offer free consultations to potential clients who have been injured. Whether you are “shopping” for the right injury lawyer or already have an injury lawyer, you want to gain the most value you can from that free consultation. During the free consultation, you will have questions to ask your injury lawyer, and you

What to ask a personal injury lawyer during your free consultation

Questions to Ask Personal Injury Lawyer Most injury lawyers offer a free consultation if they may be handling your case. As an injury victim, you want to get the best possible value from that free consultation. To help you get started, I have created a list of questions to ask a personal injury lawyer during

5 Guidelines to Help You Choose Your Personal Injury Lawyer

You are not just looking for a personal injury lawyer—you are looking for the personal injury lawyer who is right for you. At this point, you may already have identified two or three lawyers you are considering for your case. If not, you may want to read my last blog, 5 Tips to Help You Find Your

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