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Civil Litigation

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In an injury case, civil litigation is a process for resolving a dispute between the plaintiff (the injured party) and the defendant (the person being sued) according to the Rules of Court. Typically, the plaintiff is represented by an injury lawyer and the defendant’s insurance company appoints a lawyer to represent the defendant’s interests.

Civil litigation is slow. Civil litigation begins after the plaintiff’s injury lawyer files a Statement of Claim with the court. Common procedural steps include

  • personally serving documents on parties to the lawsuit
  • preparing an Affidavit of Records
  • defending the Claim by providing a Statement of Defence
  • scheduling a Questioning
  • interlocutory court applications
  • medical examinations of the Plaintiff and Defence Medical Examinations
  • ADR, and finally
  • trial.

The insurance company will have its own lawyer and experts. Hiring an experienced and qualified personal injury lawyer that has a team of personal injury experts is crucial to your obtaining a fair settlement.

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